Company Profile

MRGS Fuel Suppliers (Pty) Ltd is a B-BBEE company licensed to wholesale Petroleum products. The company was formed in 2015 to take advantage of opportunities presented by the economic transformation in South African Petroleum and Liquid Fuels industry. The company sees an opportunity in being a petroleum wholesaler as identified in the White Paper on Energy, which out-lined the Government’s key policy objective as the need to achieve: “sustainable presence, ownership or control by historically disadvantaged South Africans of approximately a quarter of all facets of the liquid fuel industry or plans to achieve this”. MRGS Fuel Suppliers is a vibrant and growing business servicing its existing customers efficiently and ready to expand its customer base. The company is confidant in its ability to provide superior quality service delivery of all its services to its customers. MRGS Fuel Suppliers strength and capability is backed by the relationship agreements signed with all its suppliers and strategic partners. Through offering superior quality services, extensive strategic partnerships, competency and key industry relationships, MRGS Fuel Suppliers is well positioned to offer its customers innovative fuel supply solutions. MRGS Fuel Suppliers has a formidable ownership of professionals who have entrepreneurial skills and would be making a success of this company. MRGS Fuel Suppliers’ shareholders currently hold managements and senior positions in their working environment and thus challenges and success from such will be benefit in taking MRGS Fuel Suppliers to greater heights.

What we offer

Bulk Fuel Supply

MRGS Fuel Suppliers supplies diesel, petrol and lubricants as a wholesaler to bulk fuel end-users. MRGS Fuel Suppliers sources it’s products from different mainstream suppliers, which have allocations with most major oil companies in South Africa. The products are readily available through the SA national grid at the depots of various oil company brands scattered across the cities and larger towns in South Africa. The product are uplifted from the nearest depots for delivery to the customers.

Fuel Transportation

MRGS Fuel Suppliers offers fuel transportation services through partnerships with reliable third party fuel transportation companies, who are skilled in this application and are recommended by our fuel suppliers. All third party trucks used by MRGS Fuel Suppliers are all HAZCHEM compliant, ensuring safe delivery and minimal environmental impact.

Targets Markets

  • Commercial Transport / Fleet
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Mining
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Civil Engineering / Construction
  • Government and Parastatals
  • Airports